Sonix Custom Metal Golf Targets

How to Purchase

All order processing and sales will be conducted via phone or email. Once you have made the decision to enhance your driving range, practice facility or private instruction range with Sonix Golf Targets give us a call to help you with the best configuration of targets for your specific situation.

  1. Choose face color (Color Options presented below)
  2. Choose logo material and size
  3. Call or email us for pricing and information
Sonix Golf Targets are proudly made and assembled in the United States
Made In USA

Logo Types and Sizes

We offer two types of logo materials, vinyl and magnetic. The vinyl logos are die cut and intended to be semi-permanent. The vinyl logos may be replaced with a new or different vinyl logo if your needs change.

The magnetic logos are a better solution if you need to remove them more regularly, i.e. switching out weekly advertising on your range or tournament sponsor changes from year to year. The magnetic logos offer the flexibility to adapt to your targets to meet all of your advertising needs.

Call us to discuss which type of logo material will be the best fit for you.




  • 18"H x 32"W
  • 32"H x 18"W
  • 24"H x 24"W


  • 24"H x 36"W
  • 36"H x 24"W
  • 30"H x 30"W


  • 18"H x 32"W or
    32"H x 18"H
  • 24"H x 24"W


  • 24"H x 30"W or
    30"H x 24"W
  • 24"H x 36"W or
    36"H x 24"W

Standard sizes are included in the price for the target. The Upgraded sizes will cost more than the Standard.

Color Options

Color Choices


Sonix Golf targets are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal, galvanized steel tubing, and galvanized nuts and bolts. Galvanized steel is used to protect the structure from elements that normally would lead to corrosion & oxidation - rust.

The dynamic design requires only minimal effort to relocate the approximately 60 lbs. target. A retractable steel handle allows for easy maneuverability from one location to the next.

Sonix Golf Targets are proudly made and assembled in the United States
Made In USA

All faces are powder coated, which is an advanced method of applying a colored finish. These surfaces are more resistant to chipping, fading and wearing than most other finishes. Plus, it’s a more environmentally friendly product, as it doesn’t contain polluting solvents.

Adjustable legs enable you to vary the face angle to 30°, 45° and virtually flat – the flatter the face angle, the more surface area to hit.

Logos are constructed of an adhesive backed vinyl and laminate with a durable finish that will provide protection from the elements. Targets are delivered with logos affixed.

Magnetic logos – as an additional option -- are produced from cast vinyl and laminate and are a great solution for temporary signage. The material is thicker and stronger than most available for this type of use.

Durable turf tires provide excellent traction as well as protecting the turf from damage.

If you need something special for your Sonix Target please contact us as we will be glad to work with you for special situations.